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Pulse - Minimalist meditation app with no voice-over, just BG sound | Product Hunt

A Minimal Meditation App
for Everyday Life

Pulse is a minimal meditation app for everyday life.
If you already have a little bit of meditation experience and are searching for something new, Pulse is for you. There are no talking voices in this app. Instead, choose from a selection of background sounds to compliment your sessions such as Ocean, Stream, River, Waves, Silence. You'll be greeted by thoughtfully curated motivational quotes at the beginning and end of every session. Pulse is also color blind friendly.

One Percent Better

You can use Pulse in normal mode where you choose the length of your sessions or in progression mode where Pulse chooses the length of your sessions.

Meditating for long sessions can be a daunting task. Pulse helps you reach your meditation goals by progressively incrementing each of your sessions. Set an easy starting duration, a goal duration, and let Pulse figure out the rest.

Happiness is
Peace in Motion

My name is Dickson, the creator of Pulse. I created this app to explore how mindfulness can inform my design philosophy, enhance my creativity and general well-being. My journey into a daily meditation practice has helped me find much peace and joy and I hope my work, in some way, may help you find yours.

Use the base version as a gift from me or upgrade to Pulse Pro to get more features! Pulse Pro is a one-time purchase. Buy it once, own it for life.

With Pulse Pro, you can set sessions over 120 minutes in normal mode, unlimited goal time in progression mode, customize your progression rate, get over 200+ quotes carefully curated by me, get all future updates and improvements, and support my future work. You can make the purchase inside the app.

If you know someone that can benefit from a mindfulness practice but absolutely cannot afford the full version of Pulse, tell them to send me an email at and I'll hook them up.

Be well!

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If have any questions about Pulse, shoot me an email at

Privacy Policy

We don’t track you. We don’t profile you. Period. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Not because you have something to hide, but because you have a lot to protect. We do not collect your personal data, unless you choose to provide that information voluntarily via email or online request forms. We may request your email address or name to communicate with you. This information is used only you’d expect and deleted upon request. Optionally, you may choose to provide your email address and communicate with us via email or online forms.